Gift of Tea,
Gift of Rest,
Gift of Moments.

It is in a land rich in nature that one feels rejuvenated; at peace, even. Produce from the land, when prepared carefully and meticulously, nourishes the body and in turn, the soul.

To us, tea brewing is calming and therapeutic. It is a moment where we can fully immerse all five senses. Listening to the steady stream of hot water being poured into the kyusu, watching the tea leaves unfurl as steam rises, smelling the aroma of the brew, holding the warm teacup in our hands and finally, tasting the precious tea.

It is in moments like these that we feel content, a tranquil respite from our busy lives. These are the things to be cherished, and to be shared.

An 8-course omakase menu featuring a curated selection of sweet and savoury treats inspired by artisanal Japanese ingredients, paired perfectly with our selection of premium Japanese teas.

With the humble mission of introducing new teas
through experimenting with processing techniques,
we've found ourselves stirring a new, gentle wave of tea; a gift for the people.