Welcome to the world of Ingen, a new tea concept that focuses on tranquillity, slowing down and savouring the moment. Our brand draws inspiration from Zen Buddhist monk, Ingen Ryuki, who was known for founding the Obaku school of Zen Buddhism in Kyoto, and also introducing a new wave of tea brewing, now known as "senchado" (the way of sencha) to Japan.

Ingen Ryuki believed in the importance of being fully present in every moment, and this philosophy is reflected in our approach at Ingen. We encourage our guests to fully immerse themselves in their dining experience; explore the vast collection of Japanese teas in our tea library, take part in brewing their teas (or observe one of our tea ambassadors preparing the brew for you), and indulge in one of the seasonal desserts available.

Our dessert menu is inspired by the seasons, a concept derived from Japanese culture that celebrates the passing of time through subtle changes in nature. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared using fresh, artisanal ingredients to nourish both the body and soul.

Stirring A New
Gentle Wave Of Tea

- Kobayashi Issa

Artisanal Crafts
From Kyoto

Morning glories
softly floating
in the teacup
- Kobayashi Issa